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These courses of fire range from fairly easy to extremely hard. Use at your own risk. The Front Sight courses of fire include stoppage and reload drills. Those are meant to be performed on a shooting range as they use live rounds. For the stages that require kneeling, it helps to get a gardening pad.

If you're curious as to how I made these, I use a Macintosh. If you have Windows, you're on your own. Anyway, I use the following programs;

1. Audacity for sound file editing.
2. QuickTime Player for sound recording
3. TextEdit for speaking written text
4. Voice Memos on my phone to record the shot timer
5. iTunes to transfer time sound files from my phone

I use TextEdit to type out what I want recorded, which is basically the whole course of fire, then select the text for each stage. Switch to QuickTime Player and pick a "New Audio Recording," go back to TextEdit and select "Start Speaking." Stop the recording and name the sound file in QuickTime Player. I used my phone to record various times from my shot timer and transferred them to my desktop using iTunes. Then I use Audacity to edit the start and end of the speaking files, add the correct time file, and export as a mp3. It's not as bad as it sounds.

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These files are related to the CCW classes I teach.