On April 10, 2024, California Department of Justice (DOJ) finalized their changes to sections 4410 and 4412 of Title 11, Division 5 of the California Code of Regulations. Originally they required a POST Instructor/Rangemaster certificate, BSIS Firearms Instructor, or an Instructor at an academy program at a state college. This change is to add, among other ratings, NRA Personal Protection Outside the Home Instructor.

DOJ CCW Instructor Information

The FAQ's haven't been updated as of April 15, 2024


New CCW license format

Text of Proposed Regulations, pdf

BOF 1034 - Concealed Carry Weapon Program DOJ Certified Instructor Application, pdf

To get the NRA Personal Protection Outside the Home Instructor certification you must be a NRA Personal Protection Inside the Home Instructor (PPOTH). To be a NRA Personal Protection Inside the Home Instructor (PPITH) you must be a NRA Basics of Pistol Shooting Instructor (BOPS). Each of these NRA Instructor certifications require you to take the student class first. So if you don’t have BOPS Instructor you need a total of six classes. If you have BOPS Instructor then you need 4 classes, and if you are a PPITH Instructor then you just need two classes. It is not a requirement that you be a NRA member but the certification process is much faster if you're a member. NRA currently has a discount.


There are equipment requirements to take the PPOTH Instructor class.

  1. A 9mm or larger caliber handgun, similar to a Glock 19 or 17. No pocket pistols, meaning a gun similar to the Glock 26 would not be allowed. The larger Sig 365 guns are acceptable but the original 365 is not. Generally a sub-compact is not acceptable but a compact or full size is.
  2. Total of 3 magazines
  3. 200 rounds of ammunition
  4. Hearing protection, Electronic is recommended
  5. Eye protection
  6. An outside the waist hard-sided holster. Nylon fabric or all leather are not allowed. These are available on Amazon or any gun store. Holsters using trigger finger activated retention need to have that feature disabled.
    Example of acceptable holster 
    Another example
  7. An outside the waist magazine pouch for two magazines.
    Example of acceptable pouch
  8. A cover garment similar to a construction or fishing vest with pockets. The cheapest option is to get the cheapest, largest safety vest at a truck stop or Amazon. Larger is better.
    Example of acceptable cover garment