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According to the 2023 California Department of Corrections and Rehabilitation Adult Institutions, Programs, and Parole Operations Manual p. 195;

32010.19.9 Use of Non-Departmental Firearm Ranges for Off-Duty Qualification

(a) Departmental peace officers shall have the option of qualifying at other than departmental ranges as outlined in the Memorandum of Understanding. The following policies shall be adhered to when utilizing this option.

(1) Only concealable handguns consisting of .22 to .45 caliber shall be used. No black powder guns, shotguns, rifles or single action revolvers shall be used.

(2) Only factory loaded or reloaded ammunition shall be used. Snake loads and loads that exceed industry standard are not acceptable rounds, and shall not be used.

(3) Minimally, the handgun course of fire, as specified in DOM section 32010.19.5.3 should be used. In the event that the range facility being used for the qualification session cannot accommodate the said course of fire, every attempt should be made to utilize an equivalent course of fire to ensure that the participant demonstrates an adequate level of proficiency. Nothing shall prevent the peace officer from qualifying with a course of fire that indicates greater proficiency or is required for duty by the unit in which the peace officer is assigned.

(4) Individuals administering the qualification attempt shall possess a Rangemaster or Firearms Instructor accreditation or equivalent from a reputable shooting organization recognized in the United States.

(5) The participant, upon attaining a passing score shall provide to the person supervising the qualification attempt, a CDCR Form 1803, Off-Duty Firearm Quarterly Qualification Certification that shall be signed by the certifying individual, which shall include the accreditation of the individual.

(6) It is the participant’s responsibility to submit, and maintain annually, a copy of the CDCR Form 1798, Annual Acknowledgement Receipt of Penal Codes Related to the Possession and Use of Off-Duty Firearms, and a copy of the CDCR Form 1803. The completed CDCR Form 1798 and CDCR Form 1803 shall be maintained in the employee’s In-Service Training file, at the location where the participant is employed.

As long as this section is not changed, any NRA Instructor or CA DOJ Instructor can administer the off duty qualification.

32010.19.5.3 36 Round Handgun Course (Basic Course)

Distance Time Position Total Rounds
3 Yards 30 Seconds Standing 12
7 Yards 30 Seconds Standing 12
15 Yards 45 Seconds Standing 12
    Total 36

Note: This course of fire requires the B-27 range target. A passing score is 29 “hits” (80 percent) within the seven-ring portion of the target.