Wade Roberts is a NRA Training Counselor and a NRA Certified CCW Instructor for Tulare, Kings, Fresno, and Madera Counties as well as Fresno and Madera City, Utah CHL, and NRA student and instructor level classes. Our training meets the requirements for Arizona and Florida non-resident CCW as well. I can conduct "Off Duty" qualifications for CDCR and possibly other agencies depending on your agencies policy. I am also recognized by the California Department of Justice as a "Comparable Training Entity" and am able to issue a "Certificate of Completion" allowing you to apply to CA DOJ to become a "DOJ Certified Instructor."

To apply for each agencies CCW use the following links.

For Tulare County
For Fresno County
For Fresno City
For Kings County
For Madera County
For Madera City
For Arizona
For Florida
For Utah

Call (559) 303-2848 for prices, dates, and times.